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About us


The Electrotechnical Institute, 3rd Pilot Plant in Międzylesie was established on 1 January 1966.

The Company manufactures electrical insulating products for the power industry. It provides a wide range of products, including electro-insulating sleeves, wedges

and epoxy glass tubes, linear composite insulators, post insulators for power lines and traction lines, and apparatus post insulators.

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of composite hollow insulators and a leading supplier in the global market.

We use winding, saturation and pultrusion (stirring) technologies for glass fibre and epoxy resins and LSR liquid silicone injection.

In terms of supplies of materials and services, we cooperate with carefully chosen and proven partners.

3rd Pilot Plant holds the Integrated Quality Management System Certificate for Management Systems according to ISO 9001; 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and 18001: 2007 with regard to design, production and distribution of composite products, mainly for power engineering applications.

Our product catalogue contains an overview of products and basic technical specifications. We also provide other composite products designed and manufactured according to individual customer needs.

Feel free to check our products and let us know what you need!




Łukasiewicz - Instytut Elektrotechniki
Departament Doświadczalno-Produkcyjny
(Zakład Doświadczalny III)

ul. Wojska Polskiego 51
57-530 Międzylesie, Polska

E-mail addresses:

bok@iel.lukasiewicz.gov.pl   (sale)
biuro@izolatory.pl   (Director's office)


+48 748 126 395   (general)
+48 727 447 127   (foreign sales)
+48 727 447 116   (domestic/foreign sales)