CNC Service

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  • CNC

We provide all kinds of services in the field of machining. Complicated elements are produced using modern numerically controlled tools (CNC). We offer comprehensive work from design to implementation.

We have a well-equipped machine park consisting of conventional machine tools and:

  • vertical machining center with a working space of:

1000 x 660 x 630 (X * Y * Z) / mm / work table dimensions

1370 x 610 / mm / maximum table load 1580 kg

  • turning center with parameters:

movement ranges 300 x6 60 / mm / (X * Z) passage over a slide of 800 mm, over a cross slide of 520 mm, maximum diameter of the rod 76 mm.

Range of services:

  • CAD / CAM design
  • Making molds, models and other elements.

Work materials:

  • Metals: steel, aluminum, brass, copper.
  • Plastics

We handle small and medium serial machining. Our qualified employees guarantee the performance of services at a high level and at a convenient time.